Fibre Solutions and Accessories

optic cable

In our line of business fibre optic links are providing greater flexibility to broadcast any signal, over significant distances, with higher reliability.

Fibre optic is technology that uses glass (or plastic) threads (fibres) to transmit data. A fibre optic cable consists of a bundle of glass threads, each of which is capable of transmitting messages modulated onto light waves. Fibre optics has several advantages over traditional metal communications lines:

  • Fibre optic cables have a much greater bandwidth than metal cables.
  • Low attenuation loss over long distances.
  • Fibre optic cables are less susceptible than metal cables to interference.
  • Fibre optic cables are much thinner and lighter than metal wires.
  • Data can be transmitted digitally (the natural form for computer data) rather than analogically.

DVI extender

DVI-to-Fibre Extenders

DVI extenders are used to safely convert and transport the DVI or HDMI signals over a rugged but flexible fibre cable. They provide high speed and long distance transmission with video resolution up to 1920*1200@60H

SDI Optic Extender

SDI-to-Fibre Extenders

SDI extenders are used to convert and transport SDI  signal over fibre cable. They provide high speed and long distance transmission with video resolution up to 1920*1080@60H. Support SD-SDI,HD-SDI,3G-SDI

fiber to vga

VGA Fibre Extender

Transmit VGA video and audio over long distances through the Fibre optic cable, USB keyboard and mouse transmission, HD video signals up to 1080P @ 60Hz


DVI to HDMI Adapters

DVI-D 24+1 pin male to HDMI female. Works in both directions.

DVI-D 24+1 pin female to HDMI male.


DVI to VGA Adapter

DVI-D 24+1 pin female to VGA male. Works in both directions.


Wireless HD Video Link System

When fiber option is not available. SDI/HDMI wireless transmitter is mainly used to broadcast live feed to remote screens. Supports multiple channel switching and broadcast mode for 1 transmitter to multiple receivers, up to 1080p/60Hz resolution, HDMI/HD-SDI/3G-SDI.  This link provides uncompressed picture quality with very low latency <1ms.


  • TV Screens

  • Touchscreen

  • Projectors

  • PA & Sound

  • Game Consoles

  • Generators